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Regular Eating is Good for Fat Loss

Friday 7th of June 2013 09:01:32 PM

It's no exaggeration to say that what we eat is the key to successful body fat loss. Proper eating represents about 80% of the challenge when we talk about losing excess weight and getting fitter.

In this era of 'fad dieting' there are many ideas and theories that people are applying to their eating habits to assist in 'battling their bulges'.

Whilst many fad diets do have some good science behind them, the reality is they are unrealistic for the long-term. People soon get bored with them and some are even detrimental to health over an extended period of time.

By far, the worse trend that people have adopted to lose body fat is by not eating at all. This starves our body of essential energy and nutrients that are necessary in order to function. During starvation our bodies switch into starvation mode where anything we do consume is rapidly stored as fat. This is because our body thinks food must be scarce. When the fast is finally broken, the subject sometimes finds that their body fat level has risen.

This particular method is frequently used by teenagers and gives rise to eating disorders which we are seeing in today's image driven society. Not eating also affects basic daily function and cognitive abilities, affecting performance at work, in study or at sport.

The opposite tends to occur if we eat more frequently. Studies suggest that we should eat every 2.5 hours. This speeds up metabolism and allows the body to replenish energy and nutrients, our brains work better, our muscles grow, and we burn more calories. Everything just works much better if we eat regularly and healthily.

This doesn’t mean you should be eating a Big Mac every 2.5 hours. It does mean you should be reducing the amount of saturated fat, simple sugars and salts, meanwhile increasing foods that are low GI, ensuring you are consuming your recommended daily intake of protein and fresh foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

My advice is to scrap the fad diets and the "easy ways" to lose fat and realise that it's about adopting a balanced eating plan that encompasses three main smaller portion meals and healthy snacking in between to help stop the cravings and over-eating at meal time. Life is about balance and our diet should be no exception.

Of course losing fat isn't just about adopting a healthy eating plan but also about being more active and burning calories through aerobic exercise and building muscle mass with resistance based training. This then attacks body fat from three dynamic angles. For body fat loss to be maximised you need to burn more calories than you are consuming in a day.

Chris Rudd (Metabolize Personal Trainer)

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