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Teresa has been training with Metabolize PT for 3 months. So far Teresa has lost 10kg and a 38 cm reduction in body fat. All without fad dieting and silly gimmicks. Congratulations and keep up the good work!(18/07/15)

Meet Michael who has been training at Metabolize PT for last 3 months.

He initially began personal training so as to meet the stringent prerequisites of the NSW police force.

Michael has been sticking to Chris's balanced eating plan and structured exercise regime religiously.

Since commencing he has lost over 15 kg of body fat and dropped 47 cm in measurements.

These are great results and is great to see you doing so well. We will update in the near future.

Kellie Gracey - Owner of Euphoria Hair and Beauty in Leura - likes to start her days with sunshine and a view of the valley before heading off to add a touch of style the the local hair scene.

Kellie has seen great results since commencing training and finds that her training regime positively charges her for the day ahead.

Its great to see such positively charged people out and about so early and appreciating our beautiful outlooks. (05/03/14)

Metabolize Personal Training would love to congratulate Chris Garlick's amazing progress.

Chris (on right) started with Metabolize 2 months ago. Since that time he has lost 18.5kg of body fat and 47 cm off his measurements.

This is an excellent result and proof that you can do anything when you have a goal!

Well Done Chris. Keep up the great work.

***UPDATE*** (03/03/14) Latest measure ups reveal Chris is down 25kg and 64cm's in total. Thumbs up mate. You are doing amazingly well.

*****UPDATE***** (05/06/14) Latest measure ups reveal Chris is down 38.5 kg and 96 cm's in total since December. SIMPLY AMAZING well done mate!!!! So happy to see you change your life in a positive way.

As of November 2014 Chris Garlick moved away and has now passed to get into the AFP. I am so happy for your mate well done.

Congratulations to one of our most committed little metabolizers, Barbara, who this

morning (30/06/13) achieved one of her biggest goals - climbing "Mount Craigend".

Barbara started training with Metabolize just after major knee replacement surgery. Since then its been a long hard road to recovery.

Today has proven that the hard work has paid off. One big goal has been achieved and now we are planning the next big benchmark.

This reinforces how important it is to set goals and objectives as it gives us something to strive for.

Barbara is but one of many of our success stories. If you feel like becoming another don't hesitate to call Chris today.

Well done B!

Excellent results from Kylie Davis. In just 4 weeks of training Kylie has massively reduced her body measures and around 4.5kg of body fat. Congratulations Kylie - your hard work and perseverance is paying off! (07/06/14)

Wednesdays little Aqua Aerobics class not only is great exercise but great fun. Such a positive little group it's always a pleasure!

Aqua is a great way to strengthen muscles and build cardiovascular fitness without the harsh impacts of training outside of the water. Many of the participants have noted the significant improvement in their hip strength and flexibility. Others come for the social aspect and great eclectic mix of music. All 'Aquarians' leave the pool rejuvenated and feeling positively infused.

We run 3 classes now Monday 10:30am, Wednesday at 9:30am and Friday at 10:30am. We operate from a private facility in Leura which welcomes outsiders to participate (30/03/2016)

Bob Weaver started training in March 2015. Since beginning his training Bob has shed 28kg of fat and over 60 cm. This is amazing and the picture is testament to how hard we have worked. Bob is now a changed man! Merry Christmas and congratulations.(18/12/15)

Ian recently finished a 7 week training and eating regime. His initial goal was for a defined 6 pack. Well done Ian all the hard work has paid off. All without pills and potions. All achieved with a balanced diet regime and strict adherence to no alcohol policy combined with some hard training. Will look forward to further developing your body in different ways. (19/03/16)