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Metabolize offers a range of different health solutions to suit all your fitness needs

For information relating to the pricing of the below services please ring Chris Rudd on 0409111003

The consultation covers everything we need to know from your previous health history to your fitness goals and aspirations. We set benchmarks and take measurements to monitor future progress. This is an essential part of your training as we can look back and monitor progress

This is a personalised service that focuses on your current fitness goals specified in the consultation. We usually start with a warm up followed by 45 solid minutes of exercise. People who prefer privacy should opt for these types of one-on-one sessions.

These sessions suit those people who are short on time or money. You are guaranteed to feel your muscles after one of these baby's.

This is an ideal session for a couple or good friends who want to train seriously but want the financial support of a second person and are limited for time. These sessions are effective and can be fun for the participants.

If group training is more your thing this option is best for you. Our groups are capped at 5 people to maximise safety of the clients and to give you a more personalised approach to group exercise. This would benefit a group of friends who want to subsidise the price of fitness.

Some people don't want PT, but they do require a program to enable them fluent use of their gym or health club. Programs are a good way to maintain a set routine and keep you focused for optimum results. Here you have the option of having a monthly or quarterly check up.

What you eat represents 70% of the effort when we are referring to muscle gain or body fat loss. Therefore dietary assistance plays a huge role in your fitness regime. Many people think they are eating all right or believe their diet is fine, but in fact could be eating a lot better. This in-depth educational session will run you through the basics of nutrition and proper eating.

We run aqua aerobics groups for members of the aging population. This provides the perfect framework for the body to retain cardio vascular fitness at the same time working the muscles in a low impact environment. This class is conducted in a private facility.


All previously booked sessions require a minimum of 24 hours cancellation. You will appreciate your session could have been filled by someone else.

In the event of less than 24 hours cancellation a $55 fee would be expected. Special circumstances may be accepted.

If for any reason the trainer has to cancel or modify a session due to weather or personal issues you will be moved to another session time that suits your needs.

All sessions are subject to availability. 10 pack sessions are non refundable.

People who are extremely overweight/unhealthy or people who suffer blood pressure issues are advised to get a medical clearance before undertaking exercise from a doctor.