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This is what the clients say-

“Something I never even thought about was engaging a personal trainer. Chris is amazing! In only a few sessions, I could see the huge benefits of a regular workout.

Each week I was given different routines with different equipment. I guess in the past my idea about being in a gym was boredom, due to my lack of understanding of how to use the equipment properly along with what you can do with it.

Chris is very creative in what he presents. He has been very patient and attentive for someone like myself who is just starting out again and not wanting a too hard-core fitness.”

- Sherrie, Leura

“While I was recovering from a spectacular arm fracture and searching for ways to improve my strength, fitness and balance, I met a friend, a man in his mid-60s who was looking fit, trim, and younger than I remembered. His secret weapon was his personal trainer, Chris Rudd. I contacted Chris with some trepidation, not being one to relish physical fitness. My arm and shoulder needed a lot of rehabilitation, my balance was poor, my fitness and strength were non-existent, and I was generally at a low ebb, having been sedentary for so long.

A few months later, I feel fitter and stronger than I can ever remember, with recovery of my arm strength and movement, beyond expectations. Last Saturday I had the odd urge to jog up the steep hill near my house. I did it easily, and was so elated that I walked down the hill just so I could jog up again, twice more. I'm 62 years old and feel about 35 with a new lease on life and a new commitment to being fit and strong. I can’t recommend Chris highly enough. He’s a qualified personal trainer and a thoroughly nice guy.”

- Marg, Wentworth Falls

"Chris from Metabolize Personal Training has managed to develop a nice balance of professional and personal training to his sessions. For many of my most recent sessions my wife and I have been doing couples training with Chris and we have a great time. Chris has a program that keeps us both working hard together but at our own individual fitness levels. This is great for couples that have very different needs and limited time. The other bonus was my wife and I have a fun time working out together and are keeping each other accountable outside our PT sessions."

- Dave, Bullaburra

"I have had three personal trainers before teaming up with Chris from Metabolize Personal Training. I have been more focused and driven during my time with Chris than with anyone else. The biggest difference for me was Chris’s fun approach to improving my health. He knows how to make a workout enjoyable and for someone that was struggling with fitness it made the difference. Chris’s follow up text message the day after each session adds a nice personal touch. He is genuinely concerned that our workouts are in my best interest."

- Luci, Bullaburra

"With a focused approach Chris Rudd from Metabolize Personal Training ensures that the client's requirements are actioned with a pro-active training program that captures the individuals dietary, nutritional and body training requirements.

Via the training program and a thorough understanding of the person's goals, Chris Rudd delivers results effectively that are attainable whilst having fun!

With personal & a professional recommendation, Chris Rudd from Metabolize Personal Training will deliver your fitness goals."

- A.Dalton, Wentworth Falls.

"When I first started training with Chris I was in my early 70s and was recovering from knee replacement surgery. I had been training for several years before this and was familiar with the routines but I needed remedial work on my knee to help gain strength and flexibility in this area. Chris has been very attentive to these special needs, has tailored my training accordingly and my knee rehabilitation is now complete.

Since training with Chris, I have seen great improvements in flexibility, balance and coordination. My overall strength in the upper body and the core has improved significantly and regular boxing sessions have increased my cardiovascular fitness. My reflexes have improved as has my muscle development – pretty good for someone of my age!

I enjoy our sessions which are varied and never boring and I can recommend Chris as a personal trainer."

- Barbara, Leura

"I have been training with Chris for approximately 18 months. During that time my posture has improved and my lean muscle mass increased.

Our sessions are fun but challenging. They constantly evolve and cycle through a combination of strength, functional and aerobic activities. There is always a plan but also the flexibility to wing it as the opportunity arises.

I have learnt a lot from Chris as he takes the time to explain why he has structured a session in a particular way, the activities we are undertaking and his emphasis on performing each activity with good form."

- Michael, Leura

"I started training with Metabolize PT a few months ago. Since then I have noticed a dramatic difference in my body shape. My posture has improved and I have lost the fat on my stomach and I am feeling great. Chris has pushed me out of my comfort zone in such a way I didn’t even notice. I am feeling refreshed and happy. I love the cardio boxing warm up’s. I actually look forward to training every week and that’s something I would not have thought possible a while ago."

- Louise, Leura

"Training with Metabolize has not only drastically changed the shape of my body but also my health. Thanks to all those who were involved and a special thanks to my PT Chris for his work day in and day out"

- Alex, Wentworth Falls

"Training, for me, is not just about losing weight. It is about gaining strength, fitness and, of course, having fun. I never liked running, but Chris from Metabolize gets me motivated and has improved my style. I was so excited to complete my first 10K event at age 44! Chris' expert advice and variety of activities when training has me feeling fit and happy. Thanks METABOLIZE!"

- Nina, Wentworth Falls

"I've been training with Metabolize for over 12 months. I am fitter and healthier and will even exercise outside in the cold now! My trainer Chris has a genuine commitment to his clients and takes time to get to know what will work for you. I would recommend Metabolize to anyone no matter what your age and fitness level."

- Susan, Leura